Birthing Better with the Pink Kit Method is a Multi Media Resource

A skills-based approach to pregnancy and childbirth preparation
Used in absolutely ALL types of births since 1970s

For Mothers

Childbirth skills are essential for all mothers-to-be. Your baby is working to be born and you have to do the activity of giving birth with your baby. Learn, practice and use great birth skills no matter what type of birth you and your baby have.

For Fathers

Your job is equally important to your birthing partner. She WANTS and requires you to know how to help her. Your Pink Kit is your tool kit of practical skills that are simple to learn, effective to use, work in the presence of every type of birth professional and where ever your baby is born.

For Birth Professionals

Do you want to see skilled birthing mothers and skilled coaching dads/others? Or not? Always encourage birthing families to use whatever skills they’ve learned. We hope more Pink Kit families will come into your work environment.

For Home Births

You are choosing a home birth. Birth skills will increase your probability of actually giving birth at home. And if you absolutely must transfer your birth and coaching skills travel with you even when your choices change.

For Hospital Births

Use the birth and coaching skills that will WOW your birth providers. No matter whether your hospital birth includes lots of medical care or is as natural as possible, your birth and coaching skills will lift your experience above the rest. You’ll fill your time with a superb array of practical and useful birth and coaching skills.

For Birth Centre Births

It’s a privilege to be able to choose a Birth Center. As with those choosing a home birth, you can increase the likelihood for a successful birth without transfer. And if you transfer you’ll have the birth and coaching skills to still have an empowered birth.

Reasons To Choose The Pink Kit

Learn the skills

You’ll learn skills developed by other families that work in every type of birth

Use the skills

Birth and coaching skills fill the time it takes to do the activity of giving birth

Self confidence

Empowerment comes from what you do for yourselves

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The Pink Kit

The Award Winning Pink Kit Includes

Visual component (Digital Download Video) ... eight unique skills-based segments to prepare your pregnant body.

2 Audio components as Mp3 Downloads... skills to prepare your baby’s birth passage and skills to work through your baby’s birth journey.

Written component … 40 PDF eBooks in eight skills-based Topics

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Childbirth Preparation


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Pregnancy Preparation

Our Story

Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® is the only skills-based childbirth preparation resource developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers and now

used by tens of thousands of Pink Kit families over the past 40 years. The Pink Kit is leading a global Movement for a Skills-based Childbirth approach for all pregnancies and every birth’.

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  • Dave

    "‘My daughter and son-in-law learned The Pink Kit skills. My daughter gave birth to her first baby who was directly posterior and weighed over 11 pounds. From start to stop it was about 6 hours with no tears and about 6 contractions for him to be delivered. She told me she had done the Internal massage for 5 months because she thought he’d be big!’ ”
  • Keri

    "I’m the presenter on the DVD, one of the Trustees to Common Knowledge Trust, a woman of depth faith and proudly have 3 out of 4 Pink Kit babies. Why are these skills so vital? Because they are all about our human shared body which means we can take the skills into our faith and culture with ease. The true meaning of ‘choice’ in childbirth is how you use each inhalation to open inside your pelvis and each exhalation to soften around the inside of your pelvis’. ”
  • Pakistan Doctor

    I was the translator for Wintergreen while in Pakistan. We traveled to many rural villages and she shared these amazing birth preparation skills with hundreds of local women. All the women want resources of these skills. One Muslim woman said ‘These skills are worth one hundred million rupees.”
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The Pink Kit Method For Birthing Better® is one of the educational branches of CKT. The Pink Kit resources reflect the stories and experiences gathered over a 35 year period from families who both birthed well and who had difficult births.


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