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Tuesday, Sep 23rd

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Make Room In Your Sacrum To Give Your Baby More Room

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You'll never know what your birth will be like but there is a very real way to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body ... and one way is to learn to create room in the triangular bone at the end of your spine called the 'sacrum'. 

Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® is certainly a unique childbirth preparation system ... unlike all others. The Pink Kit Package is absolutely a 'skills-based' approach to pregnancy and childbirth. There are plenty of resources that will help you take a 'choice-based' approach but you and your Birth Coach need skills to work with your baby's efforts to be born.

Giving birth may be mysterious but it doesn't have to be mystifying. And giving birth is not rocket science. Giving birth is more like an exercise in plumbing. 

One of those plumbing skills is to create space inside your boney pelvis and learn to keep your sacrum mobile. Your pelvis has 4 bones: sacrum, 1 hip bones and tail bone. 

Your sacrum is the most mobile of those bones but you have to feel what movement it can create. Because men and women both share the same body, it's easy for both of you to learn these skills. We can all create mobility in our own sacrum which makes it easier for the Birth Coach to help the birthing woman maintain that mobility no matter what posture or position she is in ... even when she is feeling the pain of labor contractions. 

It's so empowering to know there are real, effective skills that you can use in whatever birth unfolds. Learn how to do Kate's Cat and The Sacral Manoeuvre along with the many other skills in The Pink Kit Package.

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