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Do You Know If You Have A Long Tailbone And How That Impacts Your Baby's Birth?

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Giving birth is an exercise in plumbing. Your baby has to move down, move through and move out of your body.

For your baby to accomplish these three things, it has to open up the closure of its home ... your cervix. Then your baby has to move through your boney pelvis (a tube with pieces parts) and the open its birth canal or your vagina (which is soft tissue rather than boney and hard).


Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® gives you and your birth partner all the skills to prepare your pregnant body as part of your childbirth preparation to become a birthing body. One childbirth skill you might need is to identify if you have a long tailbone and if so how to work with the muscles that control its movement. And you'll also learn what positions hinder your baby's descent if you have a long tailbone. 

Thankfully giving birth is not rocket science and does not require you or your birth support/birth coach to know anatomy. You just have to feel your tailbone and learn the skills to keep it out of your baby's way. 

Men and women have the same body so your Pink Kit Package skills are simple for both of you to learn together. 

Sharing childbirth preparation skills strengthens your family and builds confidence. Your Pink Kit Package also gives you all the skills to work with your baby's efforts to be born no matter the type of birth you experience. 

So learn about your tailbone. Become friends.

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