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Monday, Sep 15th

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Why You Must Prepare Your Baby's Birth Canal

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There's a joke that giving birth is like sh... a watermelon. That's really an exaggeration ... Giving birth is like sh... a cantaloupe. That's big enough!

There's an old adage that 'women will stretch'. Hum ... some will and all will be well. Others will and be damaged for life. Others will tear and heal fine. Others will tear and be damaged for life. Which one will you be?

We have got to get real about giving birth. It's one of the most amazing experiences ... both in its positive and negative qualities. 

We can reduce some of the negative by preparing our pregnant body to become a birthing body as part of our childbirth preparation. 

Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® gives you all those skills and the know-how to prepare your pregnant body in the right manner to help you open to let this big object come down, through and out with as little trauma as possible ... thus increasing the positive experience. 

One part of your body you must prepare is your baby's birth canal or your VJayjay. This is not perineal massage. That only stretches the small amount of skin between your Vjayjay and your rectum. Instead you have to soften and make pliable all the soft tissue inside ... and that includes the muscles that you can tighten up right now. Try doing these things:

  1. Tighten up your rectum ... those are some of the muscles
  2. Draw the bones you sit on together ... those are other muscles
  3. Pull your butt muscles together ... those are others.

Because our baby feels SO BIG when its coming through this soft tissue, it's instinctive and intuitive to tighten up down there and pull back unless you've prepared thoroughly. 

You've probably heard about the 'ring of fire'. Imagine that this intense sensation can be reduced by your preparation before hand!

Preparing your baby's birth canal is also essential in keeping your bony pelvis open and mobile ... but that's another story.

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The most important thing for me was being able to be part of the birth and have alot of skills to know how to handle the different stages of what Chris was going through. Without the pink kit I would have been totally lost and probably would have sat outside drinking beer or the like. But I learned ...
Snow, Chris's husband and Georgie's dad