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Thursday, Sep 18th

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Learn To Read Your Birthing Contractions ...

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Who is in control of labor? The pregnant woman? Well any of us who have given birth know that's not true or else we would decide when the next contraction comes and we'd keep the pain at a level we're comfortable with. Dream on.

There's only one other person involved with our pregnancy ... our baby. There is no outside force that controls labor ... it's the baby!

This means you can read your baby's messages during your labor. Yes you can. 

Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® teaches you all the skills to read those messages and behave in a way that helps your baby navigate through, down and out your birthing body. This is really good news.

With The Pink Kit skills your birthing partner ... your husband/partner, friend or relative shares the same human body so they can learn these skills and learn to read and observe the messages coming through each contraction. Giving birth is NOT rocket science. 

As a birthing woman you have to keep your labor contractions progressing. In other words, every progressing contraction (one that has a Bell Shaped Curve) brings you closer to having your baby be born. 

Every contraction that does NOT have a bell shape curve means you either need to soften more inside, get into a better position and  make certain you're not compressing your bony pelvis.

Learn to read your baby's messages.


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