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Thursday, Sep 18th

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Birthing Better Skills Spill Over Into Your Life

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What does birthing better mean? Why don't we use the phrase 'have a better birth?' It's simple. You might not have a better birth but you can always, always birth better and work with your baby's efforts to be born.

This is very good news. There is too much blame, shame and guilt that is attached to birth. These negative emotions have grown since the 1980s when Birth Plans became the outward manifestation of a 'choice-based' approach to pregnancy and childbirth. 

Childbirth preparation changed in the 1980s from the beginning of a 'skills-based' approach to the present 'choice-based' approach. Unfortunately there is no way to know what your birth will be like so you really can't 'choose' it.

You can certainly tell your midwife or Obstetrician what you want and don't want ... and hoping you'll get the birth you want is all about wanting a 'better birth'. So what happens when the unexpected in pregnancy and childbirth happens? The change leads to those three negative emotions. 

A skills-based approach takes an entirely different tact. By learning, practicing and using both birth skills and Birth Coaching skills you focus more on what you 'do' rather then what 'happens' to you. This means no matter what type of birth unfolds your focus is always to work with your baby's efforts to be born ... even if you're in an earthquake or having an induction. You cannot control what is happening around you no matter how much you'd like to. 

You can control how you breathe in and out ... and that's just one of the skills in Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method®.

Human beings love being skilled. You can't practice birth before hand and you may not have been at another birth therefore not know what to expect. But once you've grounded your skills you'll use them.

By 'choosing' to become a skilled mother-to-be and father-to-be/other you feel more confident and proud of your own abilities. This obviously has a huge positive impact on your Life. Your birth memories never leave you. Knowing that you knew how-to birth will serve you throughout your Life. 

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