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Monday, Sep 22nd

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The Pink Kit Package Is Changing

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The birth and Birth Coaching skills evolved in the 1970s from expectant families just like yours. The first Pink Kit Package was launched online in 2000. That resource morphed in 2005. Now in 2011 we've made another dynamic change.

2000 ...The original Pink Kit Package had a VHS, book and audio cassette. Well, we all know two of those became outdated. So we shifted to a DVD, book and audio CD.

Then we decided to reduce the cost of postage by putting the book onto a CD. Shipping from New Zealand has always been expensive. 

2005 ... The rest of the birth and Birth Coaching skills were written as 3 more books and added to the CD as PDFs ... 4 books but not well organized.

2011 ... The Pink Kit childbirth preparation books have been totally reorganized and re-written into 8 Topics with 40 Modules ... each with its own cover. The DVD and two audio CDs remain the same. 

Here are some other changes that will come:

  • We're also working on an online presentation of the material 
  • We'll work on translations into many languages
  • Eventually we will re-do the written material into another book and re-do the DVD in a more contemporary presentation. Why? Because distributors into book stores like to carry books with discs rather then the 4 disc set we have now.
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