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Wednesday, Sep 03rd

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Why Is Birthing Better With The Pink Kit Method® Only Sold On-line?

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The Pink Kit skills have always been way ahead of the curve when it comes to childbirth preparation and we were ahead of the curve when we first created a multi-media pregnancy and childbirth preparation resource.

The Pink Kit Package has been the only entirely skills-based approach to pregnancy and childbirth ... for all pregnancies and every birth. But that's a bit off the subject. 

We were also ahead of the Time because we produced a multi-media resource before those were available in bookstores ... so we went online way back in 2000. That's a long time ago for online sales. 

When The Pink Kit Package was upgraded we were able to then develop a multi-media resource all on discs: a DVD, 2 Audio CDs and a CD with ebooks. 

Online sales are of course tricky. What are pregnant women and expectant fathers really searching for? 

In a bookstore all pregnancy and childbirth books are in the same place but on the Internet an expectant father can search for: first time dad, first pregnancy for fathers, first birth dads, having first baby dads, fathers first birth ... you name it!

 We have an affiliate program for people who have websites selling pregnancy and childbirth resources. We also have wholesale accounts for local distributors. 

So, online it is and you found us. 

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