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Friday, Sep 19th

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Mom's Story of her Second Birth

I was not present, but she used the Pink Kit, and here's her story: Birth was rather intense- but reasonable. I had a small leak on the night of the 29th and was in early labor for about 6 hours (in hospital for some of it because of group b strep). Around 4:30 my membranes released and things got exciting, but not progressing the way the midwife (L) would have imagined. I had an anterior lip at 7cm. L then used the rebozo technique with me standing up, which ultimately corrected our situation. I then pushed 4 times- with A getting a little caught on my pubic bone- and he emerged into the world just befor 6:30. Just under 2 hours of active labor- it was pretty intense! He was almost 9 lb- and I'm not that big! Pink kit skills that helped were the internal work (very much so), and the skill of not anticipating the next contraction but staying in the moment- that actually helped quite a bit!
Catherine, Northern California Doula

Quick second stage

Just had another birth, second timer, they did the internal work. It’s hard to know how much difference the IW made, as most second births are rather quicker and easier than the first. I wasn’t there for the first, but heard that it was a homebirth that had to be transported to the hospital for “failure to progress” and mother had an epidural and managed to push her baby out. She was quite fixated on the thought that since that had been her previous experience, it might happen again. So she was thrilled that her whole labor was about four hours, and as she began feeling the urge to push, she said, “I want to stand up” in the birthing tub, and as she did so, poof! The bulging bag of waters broke and the baby started coming down. She stood there like the statue of liberty, naked with her legs apart, not needing any support, powerful. Two or three contractions later, baby’s head was out, and then baby’s body came sliding out into the midwife’s hands – big and round! This baby weighed nine pounds 11 ounces and came out so much easier than the first one, who weighed seven pounds. What joy!!! And what a gorgeous baby.
Catherine, Northern California Doula

Great First Birth

I loved using the pink kit, it really helped us (my husband and I) prepare for our birth. I didn't find the time commitment to much at all, as once I had read through the information I was able to practice the skills like focused/directed relaxation and breathing anywhere and at any time during the day. The part that was the most successful for us was the communication skills my husband and I had established, we worked really well together. For me personally it was being able to consciously relax and open myself up for my baby to come down and out. I used my breathing constantly to keep me focused and in control and my husband would use touch to help me stay relaxed and open. My waters broke at 11pm and we started using the skills immediately and our daughter was born at 3:20am, just 4hrs 20mins later. It was a quick and stress-free birth in which i didn't need any pain relief or interventions. I believe the pink kit skills helped us to deliver our baby in this manor as we had the skills to work with the birth rather than resisting and tensing throughout the contractions. I also believe that the internal work is a very valuable part of the skills and something I will promote to future birthing mums. I would definitely recommend the pink kit as it really helps you prepare for your birth and gives you a skill set that prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and assists in a really enjoyable birthing experience.
Celeste and Jake

A fantastic kit

The Pink Kit is truly a fantastic resource for pregnant women and their partner who want to take control of their birthing experience ... and this does not mean having a home birth or anything like that. The skills gave me the confidence to have our beautiful baby girl without the anxiety and uncertainty that I had previously felt. For my husband the skills were life changing! The resources helped us to understand my body completely and the internal work we did made absolutely certain I had no ring of fire nor was our baby's birth delayed. I required absolutely no sutures after sustaining a massive 2nd degree tear with lots of remaining scar tissue with my first birth. I took notes of the skills and positions and we took that crib sheet with us. My husband put it on the table in the hospital room and periodically read it out loud to me. This kept me focused and in charge. I had a job to do and I did it beautifully and so did my husband. What a stark difference between this birth and our first. I performed the sacral rock to help with the back pain and the pelvic clock exercises between contractions. My husband assisted me with the sitbone spread when the contractions became more intense and when I had a moment at the beginning of 2nd stage when I felt my baby was sort of stuck. I found doing this really beneficial. Throughout the labour I also found the directed breathing so beneficial in coping with the pain that I relied less on my husband than the hand-gripping stuff I had submitted him to the first time round. He worked with me but could see I was totally in control! The Pink Kit has made my birthing experience a fantastic one and empowered us to take charge of our birth and to progress from 1st stage through 3rd stage in 5 hours total compared to the lingering 14 hours of 'active' labour with my first baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a true believer in birth skills and so is my husband.
Mindy Brogrough

Thank you for sharing these skills with the world!

I bought one of your pink kits a few weeks back. I got about 3/4 of the way through the resource before lending it out to one of my clients. Then I passed it to another one immediately after it was returned. so I haven't gone through all of it yet. But already it has been miraculous! A third woman (lower on my list of priorities for lending the kit to, as she was having her fourth baby) went into labour with her baby in LOL position at station -2. To cut a long story shorter, she made good progress then went backwards from 9cm to 5-6c and didn't seem to be progressing from there. I wasn't sure I could remember any of the skills on the pink kit but she and her husband took charge. He told her to lie down and together they did a hip lift between contractions. Immediately she had another one and jumped up and started pushing. I couldn't believe it. I checked her and the baby had completed rotated to ROA and she was almost fully dilated. Her baby was born 15 minutes later. After the birth the husband told me that he hadn't wanted to interfere with my professional skills so he had waited and waited for several hours before suggesting the hip lift. Gosh, that must have been hard for him! You know what I realized? That when families are skilled we need to encourage them to use their skills rather than appear so professional that they rely on us.
M. Woodward, Midwife
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Pink Kit Stories

The Pink Kit is fantastic
I wish to inform you of my experiences and knowledge I have received before and after the births of my two children in regards to the pink kit. My first birthing experience, prior to the pink kit, was quite frankly a disaster. Although I had attended antenatal classes, done pregnancy yoga, swam the ...
Mrs. Lee Reoksa